Verona (The city of Romeo & Giulietta)

Hi guys !

Hope you’re doing all great , I haven’t been posting for a while and I’m really sorry … In fact I have moved to Milan and It took me some times to get used to it , anyway I am grateful for being here and having readers like you.

I am coming back with an article about Verona, the city of love and the city where the most famous lovestory  took place , the one of  Romeo and Giulietta.

As well as being the city of love, Verona is also full of history and beauty. I loved it , First arriving there I felt like in a disneyland, it was so cute, tiny and super clean. Without forgetting the houses perfectly color painted which probably give all the charm to the city.

We visited the basic things but my favorite was by far the Arena, it was breathtaking , offering an amazing view on the main place, I was a bit scared of the height but climbing all the stairs totally worth it. As I said before Verona is the city of Romeo and Giulietta so it was normal to check the balcony of Giulietta, where we find a gold statue of her and touching her breast is said to bring you luck ( I didn’t try it though haha.) There’s also wall full of locks , chewing-gum (yea kinda weird, I know ) and pieces of paper. Me and my friend brought some post-its on which we wrote something representing our friendship and then stuck it on the wall, hoping that it will last forever.

Love doesn’t only represents  couple it is also family and friends. ❤

Take a look at the pictures of my day in this beautiful Italian city 😉 and Tell me which italian places are  your favourite :).

Thank you for reading me , I missed blogging and I’m gonna do my best from now.

Bacci a tutti ❤



Arena di Verona 

img_5194arena-6arena-9arena-4arena-10verona 11.jpg

Giulietta’s Balcony 

julieette-1j 4.jpg

Me and my friends decided to write each of us something for our friendship.